Over the last decade, the landscape of brand loyalty has dramatically shifted around us. Unfortunately, loyalty marketers have struggled to know how to embrace this change, leading to an over reliance on outdated mental models and resulting in dramatic drops in customer engagement.

To combat this drop-off, Maritz Motivation Solutions partnered with The Maritz Institute to design a new map called the 4D Loyalty Framework, offering an approach to customer engagement that goes far beyond the traditional view that all customer loyalty looks and behaves the same. 

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Barry Kirk
Vice President, Loyalty Strategy
Maritz Motivation Solutions

Barry Kirk brings more than a decade of experience in consulting, customer retention and digital marketing to his role as VP of Loyalty Solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions. In this role, he serves as the leader of the Maritz US loyalty practice. A sought after speaker and workshop leader, he has led the introduction of new disciplines like persuasive design and gamification to the loyalty space, and champions the belief that “consumers are human beings first.” Follow Barry online at: www.twitter.com/barrykirk.

Mary Beth McEuen
Former Executive Director of The Maritz Institute

Mary Beth is the Former Executive Director of The Maritz Institute which is focused on unleashing human potential through people-centered business solutions informed by leading edge human science research. During more than 20 years at Maritz, Mary Beth has held senior leadership roles in marketing, strategy, organizational development and the launch of Brand Alignment, a new business venture. Mary Beth holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is active in professional futures organizations. Her passion is leadership that creates life-giving impact. 

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